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Disney's All-Star Sports

I’m at Disney World for an Agent Education Program and I’m so excited to have been invited! I’ll spend my days learning more about Walt Disney World! Today, I flew the Frontier nonstop flight from CLE to MCO. I like flying nonstop, but sometimes I forget what is not included. The seats and bags, I remember, but it throws me off that snacks, drinks, entertainment, and charging ports are also not included. This is my first trip traveling with my new CPAP machine; I officially feel old. I emailed Frontier to ask them if I need to do anything special. They said yes, I should contact Frontier and let them know. Me emailed them was apparently not contacting them. I had no issues boarding with two unpaid bags (my personal item and my CPAP), but since the flight was delayed, the gate agent was also not checking.

I arrived to MCO and quickly made it to baggage claim, but then the bags took awhile. I feel like it always takes a long time at this airport. Once I had my bags, I proceeded outside and requested a Lyft. It was about $50 for the ride to All Star Sports. I’ve stayed in the All Star resorts quite a few times. They are affordable and great when you know you won’t be at the resort much. My first stop was food. The food court was so much better than I remember. I remember it as pizza, hot dogs, and chicken fingers which they have, but they also have some nice dinners. I couldn’t eat the chicken due to my food allergy, so I opted for two sides. I had mashed potatoes and green beans and they were amazing. They tasted like they were made from scratch and had a lot of flavor. Definitely, exceeded my expectations.

This resort has been remodeled since my last visit, and I love the renovations. The rooms feel very modern and doesn’t feel like a “value” resort on the inside. The outside decor is sports themed and I love the large sculptures. Overall, the exterior feels a little too Utilitarian for me, but I know young kids love it. I also have a hard time finding my room because everything looks the same. Tomorrow will be a day full of new experiences!

Bedroom at All-Star Sports
Disney's All-Star Sports Standard Room

Standard rooms at Disney's All-Star Sports come with either one King or one Queen bed and one Queen-size table bed. Pictured above is my room. The rooms are further categorized as a Preferred Room or not. This talks about the location of your room. Preferred Rooms are located closer to the main lobby. I found the room very comfortable and loved the amount of pillows! I only sleep with one, but I know some people love to have several. Next to the bed is a device with mickey ears that responds to, "Hey, Disney." You can ask it for the weather and a variety of other things. It comes with a little card with suggestions on what to ask. I really enjoyed having this little device which is similar to my Amazon Dot back home.

Disney's All-Star Sports
Disney's All-Star Sports

Here are some more pictures of All-Star Sports. There is an outdoor bar which is pictured above. Inside the building behind to bar is the food court, arcade, and store. This is also connected to the lobby. All the buildings look very similar, but are themed as different sports. Pictured above is the football section.

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