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Disney’s Hollywood Studios at The Walt Disney World Resort

Updated: Dec 9, 2023

Our day started with a short taxi ride to Disney’s Old Key West Resort for breakfast. I had one of my favorite meals here on our last trip so I was excited to try it for breakfast. I ordered the Banana Bread French Toast, Brian ordered the Sombrero Omelette, and my son went for the Mickey Waffles. My son's waffles came out and he was loudly disappointed that sprinkles didn’t adorn his waffles like they did at The Grand Floridian. Note to self, book the fancier meals for later in the trip. Our food overall was very good, but yesterday breakfast was a lot better. After breakfast we boarded a bus to Disney’s Hollywood Studios.

The security guard here was hooked up with a microphone directing traffic and he was very entertaining! In the past, this park has had entertainment at the park gates and I think they took one of the entertainers from the past show and put a security costume on him. He was so funny!

We walked a ton today! Overall the sensory experience at this park was a little too much for my son. We spent a decent part of our day seeking the quieter nooks and crannies of the park which meant lots of walking. Our first ride was Smuggler’s Run which is a simulation ride where you’re flying Millenium Falcon on a mission. My son and I were gunners on the mission and Brian was the engineer. We were also with another family and they were the pilots. My son really liked pressing all the buttons!

We then headed to Toy Story Land. I was expecting my son to fall in love with this area. He loved the decor but overall he was a little intimidated. We asked him if he wanted to go on Slinky Dog and he said no because he is afraid of roller coasters. Granted he absolutely loved the roller coaster yesterday, but I was pretty clear it was a train ride. 😆 Slinky Dog is all out in the open so it was a little harder to convince him to try that one. We opted for Toy Story Mania instead. This ride is a series of carnival type games and is one of my favorite rides. My son on the other hand is probably the only person who prefers the Buzz ride in Magic Kingdom over this one! We also rode the alien saucers which was short and sweet.

Next up was my son's Droid building appointment where he got to build a toy. He was given the choice of building BB-8 or R2D2 which he didn’t understand what that meant. I asked him ball or garbage can? He said ball. We picked a personality chip and then headed to the area where we scavenged for parts. My son wanted every part that was for R2D2 and not BB-8. 🙉 It was challenging having him surrender parts that wouldn’t fit his one! Eventually we grabbed the necessary parts and headed to the assembly area. We were guided through putting our robot together and eventually activated it! My son tested it out in the store and then we headed back to the hotel for safe keeping.

My son building his droid at the Black Spire Outpost’s industrial depot
Droid Depot at the Walt Disney World Resort

My son loves swimming and it was hot so we headed to the pool after a small snack. We headed to the main pool which has a small splash park. My son loved it! We spent a little time here then continued to the next pool in the Cars section of the resort. The theming in the Cars area is my favorite at the resort! We walked through the lobby of the Cozy Cone Motel and then found a nice pool in the middle of Ornament Valley. The afternoon flew by and we needed to head back to the park for our dinner reservation.

Swimming and snacks at Art of Animation Resort
Disney's Art of Animation Resort

We hopped onto the Disney Skyliner back to Disney’s Hollywood Studios. We were in a hurry to get to our reservation on time, but we stopped briefly while characters rolled through the area. My son loved seeing Mickey and Minnie! Once the not-a-parade passed, we joined behind and followed along. We then broke away from the pack to The Brown Derby.

The food at the Brown Derby was a hit, but the restaurant itself was kind of loud and not the sensory break we were hoping for. My son ended up watching his iPad through the meal. My son devoured the food here by eating rolls, steak, fruit, and green beans. I ordered the chicken and it was cooked to perfection!

Dinner took a little longer than we expected so after dinner we headed straight to Oga’s Cantina for some cocktails and mocktails. Disney is the only place I know with tall high chairs for the bar! My son loved this and absolutely loved how his drink bubbled!

The watering hole at Disney's Hollywood Studios
Oga's Cantina at the Walt Disney World Resort

Our last ride of the day was going to be Rise of the Resistance. We entered the line and when we got on the transport my son started crying. It was too loud and too dark for him. We were escorted backstage off the ride which was a big relief for my son. We then hopped onto the Skyliner back to our resort where Brian and my son promptly fell asleep. We are headed to Magic Kingdom again tomorrow!

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