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Disney Springs

Updated: Apr 21

All good things come to an end, and today was our last day in Florida. Our flight was at 9pm so we had a large portion is there day to explore.

We started our day at the Riviera Resort which is a short Skyliner flight from our hotel. Here we enjoyed breakfast at Topolino’s. The resort is inspired by the French Riviera and is Disney’s newest resort. The resort is gorgeous. Breakfast here is a set price for adults and children as is common for many of the Character Dinings at Disney. Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Donald Duck, and Pluto made their rounds frequently. For optimal character viewing, you’ll want a table next to the window. We sat at the opposite side of the room and the bright sun from the window made it difficult to see the characters and impossible to grab a nice picture. The adult menu I felt was mostly kind of weird things, but the kids menu was pretty typical. I ordered the Quiche which was served with a salad and potatoes. Brian ordered the only traditional meal of eggs, potatoes, and bacon. The kid’s menu is where they shine. The Mickey Waffles is what you’ll want! The waffles are served with two sides. Colton chose fruit and bacon. The waffles come on sticks making them look like popsicles. The meal is served on an artist palette and three sauces fill the paint crevices on the palette. 🎨 It was so cute! The characters also do a little dance here and there too. Oh I forgot to mention one of my favorite parts! An assortment of pastries is given before your meal. These taste like authentic French pastries and are wonderful on their own. They also come with a few enhancements which were also really good: a chocolate/nuetella, strawberry jam, and honey butter were the options.

World of Disney at Disney Springs
World of Disney at Disney Springs

After breakfast, we headed to Disney Springs to explore. We popped into the World of Disney in hopes of finding a few 50th Anniversary items we wanted, but no such luck. The good stuff was already sold out. They did mention how it is an 18-month celebration so I’m sure there will be more to come. After shopping, we made our way to the mini splash park where Colton enjoyed the fountains and made some new friends. I popped into some other stores while Brian and Colton stayed outside. I also found a PhotoStudio that is included with MemoryMaker. It was neat! They have a green screen where they direct you to pose a certain way and then later you’re surprised with the magic they put into the pictures! There is also a more traditional area for family portraits. This is inside so the only downside is that masks are required…even for the pictures.

Before we knew it, it was time for lunch. There is a new cookie place called Giddeon’s and I’ve heard there is usually an hour wait. I popped over to join the virtual queue so we could enjoy the cookies after lunch. Turns out my intel was wrong. The wait time was 5 hours!!! So no cookies for us. We then went to Frontera which is a Mexican restaurant. The food was really good. Brian didn’t like the fact you had to assemble your own tacos though.

After lunch, we headed back to the hotel to pack. The night before we decided to extend our room another night so that we had our room until the time we left…6pm. I’m glad we did. It was so nice being able to shower before we left for our flight and also nice that we didn’t have to pack everything up before breakfast!

We took the Magical Express to the airport and then had a direct flight with Frontier Airlines back to Cleveland.

Overall it was an awesome trip! In terms of Covid-19 safety, it felt like we could have easily picked up something during the trip. There were numerous times we were packed in small places with other people. The past two months I’ve travelled to Mexico, Jamaica, been on a cruise, and been to Disney. Disney is the only one that felt risky. Mexico, Jamaica, and the cruise I felt more protected than being at home. I do think a lot of this has to do with the fact we were at Disney for the 50th anniversary. Friday was the only day that felt risky. The other days we had plenty of space and it didn’t feel much different than being at home. I picked up Covid-19 tests from the library before we left. I plan to take them tomorrow as a precaution and we decided to keep Colton home for school tomorrow. Partially because we got in late and partially to give us another day for the most accurate results for the test.

Thanks for reading about our journeys! Tomorrow (Monday) I’m hosting a virtual Royal Caribbean cruise night. I’d love it if you can join me. It is at 7pm EST. Comment below for the link to register.

I plan to host a Disney event sometime soon as well to answer any questions! Be on the lookout.

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