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Disney Springs

Updated: Apr 21

Day 6: Walt Disney World Resort & Disney Cruise Line | Disney Dream and Disney Springs

Today is the last day of the trip. I booked my flight in December during a Frontier Airlines sale and there were three options for a direct flight. The first was too early to work with a cruise, the second was a decent time but significantly more than the third option, and the third option was a late 9:15pm flight. The late flight gave us one more day in Florida and we decided to spend the day at Disney Springs.

Disembarkation and immigration was super easy. We basically walked off the ship to customs. The night before we were given detailed instructions for disembarkation on our television. Our room attendant turned the TV on and the announcement was playing in a loop. We had a choice to make. We could either tag our larger bags with a Tinker Bell tag and place outside at 10pm for the porters to pick-up and transfer to the terminal or we could keep our bags overnight and carry them off the ship ourselves. As nice as it would have been to have someone else move our bags, we decided to carry them ourselves. Carrying themselves also meant we could walk off the ship whenever we wanted versus having to wait for our character to be called.

Our assigned breakfast time was at 7:20am at Animator’s Palate which was way earlier than I would have chosen for myself. We ate a quick breakfast and then walked off the ship with our luggage. The process was super simple and we were back to reality within 10 minutes.

Fruit and croissant
Breakfast on Disney Dream

We rented a car for the day and the process of getting the car was incredibly easy. We waited for the shuttle right outside the cruise terminal and it came almost immediately. We stopped briefly at another terminal and then the driver took us to Alamo. This particular location was only for people coming off cruises which meant it was practically empty. We walked straight to the counter and within a couple minutes we had keys in hand for a Toyota Carrolla.

Port Canaveral
Port Canaveral

We drove to Disney Springs which was about an hour away. Our first stop here was to Gideon’s Bakehouse which already had a line at 10am. They are known for their half-pound cookies. We waited a decent amount of time in line so I decided to order a slice of cake and a cookie to try them out. I loved the decor of the inside! It had a steampunk/Lemony Snicket/Tim Burton kind of vibe. The line moved very quickly once inside and there was a lot to look at too. I wasn’t really that hungry, but we didn’t want to wait too long to come because the line quickly turns into a 4-5 hour line later in the day. I ate my slice of cake slowly throughout the day. It was very good. I packed the cookie for later.

Gideon’s Bakehouse at Disney Springs
Gideon’s Bakehouse at Disney Springs

We spent the day leisurely moving in and out of shops. Many of the stores here are Disney related, but there are also quite a few non-Disney stores too. I walked away with some new sundresses at the end of the day.

Overall it’s been an amazing trip. There were magical moments all around the ship and I’m looking forward to the day I bring my family onboard. If you have any questions about Disney or Disney Cruise Line, please let me know!

About the Author

Amaris is the owner of the Ohio-based travel agency, Adventures by Amaris. Her love for travel began at a young age when she traveled to her parents' home countries of England and Mexico. She continued traveling in High School by participating in a People to People program to Italy, France and Monaco. In college, she spent six weeks in Europe studying abroad and traveling. She visited Spain, Portugal, England, Wales, Ireland, Vatican City, and Italy in a whirlwind summer. Through her adult life she continues to make traveling a priority with her family. Her young son is autistic so navigating the world of traveling with an autistic child brings on new adventures. Her travel resume includes Mexico, Turks & Caicos, Bahamas, Dominican Republic, Panama, Costa Rica, Haiti, Jamaica, Colombia, and Cayman Islands. She is an expert in planning family vacations across the world from Disney World to Europe to worldwide cruises.

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