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Liberty of the Seas

Updated: Dec 9, 2023

I woke up at around 5:30am this morning because my motion-sickness medicine started to wear off. The good news, it’s working! I took some more meds and felt better relatively quickly but now I was wide awake.

Time to explore more on Liberty of the Seas! I headed up to the sun deck to catch the sunrise. Gorgeous. Then, I headed to the treadmill because I thought running with the sun rising would be pretty neat. I ran a little but soon realized I was too short to see over the treadmill/TV so the view wasn’t spectacular like I had imagined. I began to get parched so I went searching for water. Not as easy as you might think in the fitness center. It involved going down six decks and heading towards the middle of the ship to the coffee shop. I asked for water and received a glass of it. I soon realized taking this glass back to the treadmill wasn’t going to work so I sat down and drank it then headed back to the fitness center. It was time for yoga! 45 minutes of light stretching and bliss although balancing poses are a bit trickier on a moving ship.

Sunrise on Liberty of the Seas
Onboard Liberty of the Seas

After working out, I headed to the Windjammer for breakfast. We sat next to the window where we could see the ship churn up the gulf in the most beautiful shades of blue. It is absolutely beautiful.

After breakfast, I tried something I NEVER thought I would ever do…acupuncture. I started with just the free trial to see how thin these needles really were. The doctor placed one in my arm and I didn’t feel a thing so I thought I’d give it a shot. 12 needles were placed…mostly in my face/head. I could definitely feel them going in this time but overall not too bad.

The pool was next up for the day! I tried the drink of the day and enjoyed it poolside. It was incredibly windy so I didn’t last too long outside.

Drink of the say onboard Liberty of the Seas
Pool Deck on Liberty of the Seas

A scavenger hunt was starting so we decided to join in. We were given a list of 16 items. Some involved knowledge about the ship while others involved gathering items from around the ship. Our team of three was not the first ones back BUT the only team to complete the scavenger in full so we won! Our winning…bragging rights and highlighters.

Tonight was formal night so out came my black dress and makeup. I enjoyed a delicious meal which I ordered yesterday. They’ve been very accommodating to my allergies. I order my dinner a night ahead of time so the chefs can specially prepare it without my allergens. Yesterday I choose zucchini fritters as my appetizer, duck as my entree, and creme brûlée as my dessert. The appetizer and entree were absolutely incredible. The dessert was a bit of a disappointment but still decent.

Last night I crashed early so this night I wanted to catch a show. The headliner tonight was called Oh What A Night Tribute Band and they were incredible. Funny, entertaining, and amazing singers. To top off the night I headed to the pub for a Strongbow and then headed back to my cabin.

Our at sea day was packed full of activity and quite enjoyable! I'm loving my time on Liberty of the Seas.

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