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My First Cruise

Updated: Dec 9, 2023

Today is my first day on a cruise ship and so far a super positive experience. The crew is so thrilled to have us onboard and the service has been amazing so far. After I checked out my room, I headed to the Wind Jammer for lunch. It is a buffet, but servers serve you at the buffet. This first food I saw was mashed potatoes, salad, soup, and other vegetables. I thought this was it so I got myself a soup and salad with some mashed potatoes. Then, I turned a corner and there was so much more! Filet mignon 😋, lamb, and lobster were all options. AND everything was delicious.

Steak, lobster, and veggies
Windjammer Food on Liberty of the Seas

I’m on a simulation cruise which is basically a test run. 100% of the passengers and crew are vaccinated and we each had to provide proof of vaccination status and a negative Covid test taken within 2 days of boarding. We were randomly assigned a role as either vaccinated or “unvaccinated.” “Unvaccinated” guests are limited to certain spaces on the ship. Basically they can’t go to bars, the casino, and the fitness center. I was lucky and got the role of vaccinated so I can enjoy everything.

The test is an adult-only thing so all of the kids amenities are closed including the splash park, slides, flow rider, and kid’s clubs.

There is plenty to do on-board. Today I mostly explored my options. There is a fitness center so tomorrow I plan on taking a yoga class. There is mini-golf that looks super cute. There is an arcade but only every other game is available to maintain social distancing. Ping-pong, shopping, an art gallery, a casino, bars, restaurants, etc. I walked over 11,000 steps today!

Putt Putt golf course on Liberty of the Seas
Liberty Dunes Mini-Golf

Tomorrow is a day at sea so I plan on utilizing the activities tomorrow! There are only 500 passengers so we have plenty of space and the ship feels pretty empty. There is a full crew so the crew to passenger ratio is ridiculous. We’re well taken care of!! More updates to come. If you have any questions, please let me know!

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