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Palma de Mallorca, Spain

Updated: Apr 21

Day 5: Western Mediterranean Cruise with Spain

Royal Caribbean | Wonder of the Seas

This morning we had our first shore excursion to Palma Nova beach! We met in the Royal Theatre and then we were transferred to the beach via coach bus. The beach was about 30 minutes from the port and was lovely. The water was clear with a greenish hue near the shore and a beautiful blue the further out you looked. It was a public beach, but relatively empty. We spent most of our time hanging out in the water, building sand castles, and laying in the sun. There is something so therapeutic about a beach day!

Palma Nova Beach
Palma Nova Beach

Our pick-up time was at 1:05pm so we were hungry close to this time. We walked down the street which was filled with souvenir shops, restaurants, and bars. We opted for the supermarket where we purchased gatorade, Pringles, and ice cream. We also purchased some grapes to share. The ice cream was a Milka cone and was similar to a King Cone back home. The Milka cone was so much better though! The chocolate was better and the ice cream creamier. It was the perfect snack for a hot summer day. At 1:04pm our bus parked in front of the Hotel Tropico and it was time to go back to the ship.

Milka Cone
Milka Cone

I was exhausted by this time since I stayed up to watch the show the night before, but everyone else was full of energy. My family spent the afternoon at the pool while I grabbed a sandwich from Central Park and then took a nap.

Central Park on Wonder of the Seas
Central Park on Wonder of the Seas

Tonight we ate dinner at the main dining room and met our wait staff. They were awesome with bringing our younger son his food first. He started with a fruit bowl and he slowly picked at it while watching his iPad. He is so slow that when his entree was ready, the waiter took the fruit bowl and replaced it with chicken and fries. My son isn’t looking, but his hand reaches around his iPad for a bite of fruit, and is devastatingly disappointed that his fruit is gone. The anger begins to rage, and the waiter brings my son another bowl of fruit. He ate three bowls of fruit this evening! I had the Orange Duck and it was delicious. I ordered this on my last Royal Caribbean cruise and it was consistently good both times. I also had a wedge salad and a peach dessert. Overall the dinning hall was very good!

Steak, dessert, family
Dinner on Wonder of the Seas

We walked to the promenade to window shop and take some pictures, but that didn’t last long. My son was becoming restless so we headed back to the room. My son and I had quiet evening of playing Airplane Chefs on his iPad and we called it an early night. Tomorrow, we’ll be in France!

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