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What Is Included on a Cruise?

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What is included on a cruise?

Cruising is a popular way of traveling, and it offers a wide range of amenities and activities for travelers. The exact inclusions of a cruise vary depending on the cruise line, type of ship, and itinerary, but there are some general features that are typically included on most cruises.

Accommodations are included on a cruise, and passengers can choose from a variety of cabin types, including inside cabins, oceanview cabins, balcony cabins, and suites. All cabins come with a private bathroom, and some also include a mini-fridge, TV, and other amenities.

Most meals are also included on a cruise, with passengers having access to a variety of dining options, such as buffet-style dining, sit-down restaurants, and specialty dining venues. Specialty dining usually has an extra fee. Non-alcoholic and basic beverages such as coffee, tea, and juice are typically included, while alcoholic beverages and drinks such as soda, milkshakes, and specialty coffee are usually available for purchase.

Onboard activities are another inclusion of a cruise, but which activities are included varies widely by cruise line. Table tennis, rock climbing, towel animal folding classes, waterslides, and shuffleboard are often included if they are offered. Race tracks, roller coasters, and sports simulators often have a fee if they are offered. Painting classes usually have a fee as well. Check with the cruise line to see what activities are available for your sailing and if there are additional fees.

While a lot is included in a cruise vacation, there are additional costs to consider. Transportation to the cruise port, shore excursions, pre and post night hotels, travel protection, gratuities, wi-fi, and drink packages are some of the common extras that go with your cruise. Your travel agent can help you with many of these extras to create a full vacation package.

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