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Prepare for
Royal Caribbean Cruise

Congratulation on booking your Royal Caribbean Cruise! This page has important steps to prepare for your cruise. Additionally, there are other components that may be needed for your trip. If you need assistance with any of these items, please book a consultation with us.

Obtain Proper Government IDs

Passports may be required for your sailing and are recommended even if they are not required. If your cruise starts from an international destination and you will be flying to that destination, then you will need a passport for your trip. If your cruise starts and ends in different ports, passports are required for your trip. Some complicated family situations require that minors have passports as well. Passports are required to fly internationally which may arise during a medical emergency. Click the button below to learn more about passports, visas, and other accepted forms of ID for a Royal Caribbean cruise.  


Book Flights, Pre-Cruise Hotel, and Transfers

Flights, hotel stays, and transfers may be needed for your cruise. Royal Caribbean has a wonderful program called Air2Sea to book flights. They offer competitive rates and flexible policies. We recommend Air2Sea for international flights. If your cruise is domestic, check Air2Sea and through traditional channels to find the best options. We highly recommend arrived to port the day before your cruise leaves. This gives you a buffer should anything unexpected happen. Many clients use hotel points to book this short stay. If you need a hotel and do not have points, please contact us to book your stay. There maybe hotel options which also provide shuttles to the airport or port.


Book Shore Excursions

There are lots of things to explore in each port and shore excursions are your ticket to exploration. There are essentially two options: book these with Royal Caribbean or book with a third-party. Royal Caribbean offers wonderful excursions and these can be booked from the Royal Caribbean app. If you prefer a small group or private excursion, a third-party may work better for you. We recommend Shore Excursions Group and Venture Ashore.


Enhance Cruise

There are several ways to enhance your Royal Caribbean cruise. You can buy these extras from Royal Caribbean's Cruise Planner. Drink packages, wi-fi service, photo packages, arcade passes, and spa treatments are popular ways to level-up your cruise. Also, if you are a foodie or celebrating something special, we recommend adding specialty dining to your trip. Pricing for these enhancements are dynamic and vary by sailing. Login to your Royal Caribbean Cruise Planner to see what options are available for your cruise.



Check-in for Royal Caribbean opens up 45 days before your sailing. It typically opens up a few minutes past midnight. We recommend checking into your cruise early to obtain the early boarding time. You will be asked to take a picture of yourself and to provide passport information when you check-in. We recommend completing check-in from a mobile device to easily use the camera on it for the picture.

Get in Touch

Do you need help with your Royal Caribbean cruise? Use the button below to book a consultation with us.

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