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Prepare for Disney World

Congratulation on booking your trip to Walt Disney World! A successful Disney trip requires familiarization with Disney's technology. It is used to make dining reservations, lightning lane reservations, and more. This page outlines the important steps for a successful trip. If you have any questions and booked your trip with us, please book a consultation and we will walk you through these steps.

Important Items

1) Create a My Disney Experience Account

Many clients already have a Disney account from a previous trip or from already using a Disney service such as Hulu, Disney+, or ESPN. If you don't have an account, create one using the button below. We recommend that adults who will adjust plans, order food at the parks, reserve lightning lanes, or access photos create their own account.

2) Link Family & Friends

Most likely you will be enjoying Disney World in the company of friends and family. We recommend linking your accounts so that you can plan together. Click the link below to get started. First, click "List & Search Settings" which is found next to your name. Make sure both options are turned on. Next, click "Add Guest" and add your adult family members and friends. Minors will be managed by an adult profile. If your children aren't listed on anyone's account, click "Add a new Guest who doesn't have a Disney account" to create a profile for them. I also recommend that both parents have access to your children's profiles. After the profiles are created, find your spouse on your list, click settings next to their name, and click 'Connect My Managed Profiles.' Select your children and hit 'Send Invite.' Your spouse will also need to accept the request.

3) Link Your Reservation or Tickets

Your Disney Package or Disney Tickets need to be linked to your account after booking your trip. To do this, go to the link below. This is the main page to plan your trip. Scroll down and you will see a series of circles. The first circle is "Family & Friends" which at this point should be blue. The other circles are most likely white and our goal is to turn them blue where applicable. If you have a Walt Disney World Package meaning you booked your hotel and tickets together, then hover your cursor over "Resort Hotel." Next, go to "Link a Reservation." Enter your confirmation and last name to link. This will automatically add your hotel and tickets to your account. If you only purchased tickets, then skip the "Resort Hotel" circle and hover over the "Park Tickets" circle instead. Click "Link Tickets." Use your ticket confirmation number to link the tickets.

4) Make Dining Reservations

Dining reservations are highly recommended for table-service meals at Walt Disney World. Reservations can be made 60 days prior to your trip for the duration of your trip with a Disney Package. If you only booked tickets, you can still book 60 days ahead, but not more than 60 days ahead. Dining reservations open approximately between 5:45am and 6am. We recommend booking hard-to-get reservations for the end of your trip for best chances of securing them.

5) Make Other Reservations

Other reservations can also be made 60 days ahead of your trip. Disney offers private tours, special group tours, spa treatments, Godmother transformations, and first haircuts. Click the link below to explore what is offered. Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique, Disney's Keys to the Kingdom Tour, Savi's Workshop - Handbuilt Lightsabers, and Droid Depot are some of the more popular selections.

Disney Checklist

☐ Create a My Disney Experience Account

☐ Link Family & Friends

☐ Link Reservation or Tickets

☐ Make Dining Reservations

☐ Make Other Reservations

☐ Book Flights

☐ Book Transfers

☐ Buy Travel Protection

☐ Buy Magic Bands

☐ Complete Online Check-in

☐ Make/Buy Family Shirts

Family in Disney's Hollywood Studios

Walt Disney World Destination Guide

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Walt Disney World Packing List

Get in Touch

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